Dunham Massey Duathlon 26th & 27th September 2020 – Pre Event Breifing Guide

Welcome –

Firstly I would like to thank you for entering the Dunham Massey Duathlon. I would also like to thank everyone who has supported us through the years. I quietly celebrated 5 years of directing Go Tri events in June but will be organising a little knees up once restrictions are eased. Thanks also to those of you who were entered into the cancelled events. Thank you for your patience and it’s great to have you back with us.

You should be aware of the change of format for this event and the remainder of 2020. I have split the event into 4 waves across both the Saturday and Sunday. Waves are restricted to 30 participants to ensure we meet government guidelines for gatherings as well as enabling us all to practise social distancing as best possible.

Waves will be at 08:30am and 11:00am on both days. You signed up for a specific wave and that is the wave you are registered for. You will receive an email with entry lists which will include your race numbers.

Pre Event –

In your Pre Event email, you will receive and Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire, I ask that you complete and return this at your earliest convenience. It is especially important to take note that if necessary I will share your contact details with NHS Track & Trace.

If you are feeling at all unwell, particularly if you ae showing any symptoms of COVID 19, I ask that you do not attend the event. These symptoms include high temperature, persistent cough and sore throat.

Please adhere to social distancing guidelines at all times. Myself and Louie will make every effort to provide enough space for you to maintain at least 2 metres from any other person within the transition area and ask that you continue to do so during the event.

I will supply hand sanitiser and ask that you use this before and after the race.

You must not share equipment with any other participant and please ensure that you clear any rubbish and either use the bins provided or take it home with you.

Please understand that while we will do as much as we can to ensure your safety, we also expect a common sense approach from all participants. Anybody we feel is not adhering to guidelines in a sensible fashion, will be asked to leave. And remember your safety is your own responsibility. 

Arrival –

Please arrive 15 – 30 minutes before your wave start time. This should give you ample time to familiarise yourself with transition, warm up, discuss any queries you may have with the team and use the facilities if necessary.

Car Parking –

There will be no car parking available at The Bramley Farm public house. There is ample parking at Waitrose over the road from the venue, where you will have 2 hours free parking. If you feel you may need additional time, please utilise safe on street parking.

Registration –

Your race number and medal will be at an allocated place in transition. This will be your area to keep your bike and trainers and any nutrition/hydration you may require during the event.

The Bramley Farm Pub –

Our venue is at The Bramley Farm public house. This venue will be open to the public throughout your time at the event, so please be aware of this at all times.

Please note that if you wish to use the toilet, you may enter the pub with a face mask on and no rack and trace information will be required. If you wish to eat or drink after your event, please be aware you will be required to book a table and all diners will be required to complete track and trace information. You will also be required to follow current social distancing legislation and will not be able to sit inside in groups containing multiple households. If you wish to utilise the outdoor seating, you will not be able to sit in groups larger than 6 and multiple groups will not be able to mingle. I understand this is unusual information to receive in a pre event briefing, however both the Bramley Farm and British Triathlon have asked that we ensure all participants are advised accordingly. It is ultimately your responsibility to behave in a safe and legal manner.

Transition Area –

You will have a specific area within transition where you can keep your bike, running shoes and any nutrition/hydration you require during the event. Please keep any bags or items you will not need during the event in your car. There will be no additional storage available.

Spectators & Support –

I understand that your friends and family may wish to come and watch you participate. Spectators are always welcome at our events, however, as you know, I have amended the format of this event in order to conform with social distancing guidelines. There will be 30 participants and up to 3 staff members, so we are not encouraging spectators on site at transition. We are making every effort to keep the gathering size to a minimum and reduce number of people using the pubs facilities.

If your friends and family wish to come and support you, then I would recommend they head out onto the course to see you run and or cycle past. If they wish to stay at event HQ, then they must not enter transition and we ask that they remain on the pavement on the opposite side of the road to the pub.

Please understand that the safety of all my participants and staff as well as venue residents and staff are my priority in setting out these guidelines.

Another effort we are making to reduce risk is that there will not be any marshals on the course. Again I am making every effort to reduce the number of people at HQ at the start and finish and to minimise contact the whole day. I will be ensuring the course is well signed as always and we will be putting additional signs out as well as cones at various points along the course, to ensure you don’t get lost. My contact details are also on all signage, so any issues, you will be able to contact me.

Start –

The start line will be marked on the pavement just in front of the pub car park. It will be away from transition, positioned appropriately for social distancing.

There will be a Time Trial like start, with each participant starting at 30 second intervals. Participants will be starting in ascending numerical order. The first participant will start at 08:30am or 11:00 and the final participant at 08:45 or 11:15.

Please ensure you maintain social distancing while waiting to start. And be ready to start a your allocated time to avoid holing up any other participants. If you arrive at the start time after your time has gone, you will have to wait until all other participants have started to commence your race.

Run –

The run is a looped course, following a clockwise route once you are through the ginnel by transition and onto the estate (via the road NOT the foot path). You will run 2 loops of the run course before returning to transition.

Please run on the left side of the pavement to allow for overtaking and returning runners.

Please ensure you are adhering to social distancing measures while running. Overtaking is allowed but if you are overtaken, please drop back slightly to allow for adequate distance. If you overtake, please move over to the right, but ensure you avoid any oncoming runners.

Ride –

The mount line will be well out of the car park/transition area, closer to Sinderland Road. It will be marked with tape on the road. The dismount line will be at the same line as where you mounted your bike. Please walk/run with your bike from/to transition. DO NOT mount or dismount before these points. This has been put in place to avoid any confusion between cyclists, runners or motorists as well as providing additional space to adhere to social distancing.

There is a course map available on our website http://www.mcafitness.co.uk/dunham-massey-duathlon/ where links to the maps on Garmin are available.

All riders MUST wear a helmet and will not be allowed on the course without one.

Finish –

The finish line will be at the start line where your time will be manually recorded. Please make your way safely from the finish line back to transition where you will be able to cool down and catch your breath.

Please do not return to the finish line at any point after you have finished. This is to avoid any unnecessary contact.

Results will be posted online and emailed on Sunday afternoon, please do not ask for your time at the finish. Please also be aware that results are recorded manually and while we make every effort to ensure accurate results, human error is possible. If any results appear incorrect, please let me know by email and I will endeavour to amend these before submitting to Go Tri.

I thank you for your support and patience as events were put on hold during Lockdown. It has been fantastic to see so many entrants and myself and Louie, look forward to welcoming you to The Dunham Massey Duathlon this weekend.

If you have any questions I haven’t answered here, please get in touch by email, social media or text and I will be happy to answer any questions.

Wave 1

##First NameLast NameDayTimeWaveM/FAG##
1JoanneReadySaturday08:30Wave 1F50-541
2SerkanYamanSaturday08:30Wave 1M50-542
3Saturday08:30   3
4JennyHibbertSaturday08:30Wave 1F45-494
5PeterBradleySaturday08:30Wave 1M50-545
6SamSwainSaturday08:30Wave 1F45-496
7ImogenSykesSaturday08:30Wave 1F25-297
8KELVINPERRYSaturday08:30Wave 1M30-348
9CarlMcMullenSaturday08:30Wave 1M40-449
10ChristineMcMullenSaturday08:30Wave 1F45-4910
11JayneSpeersSaturday08:30Wave 1F40-4411
12JillHudsonSaturday08:30Wave 1F55-5912
13ConorClancySaturday08:30Wave 1M40-4413
14CarolineMackSaturday08:30Wave 1F50-5414
15JemilTokdemirSaturday08:30Wave 1M30-3415
16ThomasCareySaturday08:30Wave 1M35-3916
17SeanAnsteeSaturday08:30Wave 1M30-3417
18GarethJonesSaturday08:30Wave 1M40-4418
19KateJohnsonSaturday08:30Wave 1F25-2919
20PeterBrocklehurstSaturday08:30Wave 1M55-5920
21RachaelPackSaturday08:30Wave 1F45-4921
22KatieGaneSaturday08:30Wave 1F25-2922
23JonathanCheyneSaturday08:30Wave 1M30-3423
24HenryColeSaturday08:30Wave 1M25-2924
25KevinBroomeSaturday08:30Wave 1M25-2925
26Emmade SousaSaturday08:30Wave 1F45-4926
27PetaWalshSaturday08:30Wave 1F60-6427
28DanielleMcEwanSaturday08:30Wave 1F35-3928
29ScottThomasSaturday08:30Wave 1M45-4929
30CemAzakliSaturday08:30Wave 1M50-5430

Wave 2

##First NameLast NameDayTimeWaveM/FAG##
31SophieGoslingSaturday11:00Wave 2F50-5431
32JoeHughesSaturday11:00Wave 2M15-1632
33DominicHughesSaturday11:00Wave 2M50-5433
34LewisBrimmellSaturday11:00Wave 2M30-3434
35DavidBrimmellSaturday11:00Wave 2M60-6435
36JakeProcterSaturday11:00Wave 2M25-2936
37georgesafranauskasSaturday11:00Wave 2M17-1837
38HelenWilliamsSaturday11:00Wave 2F40-4438
39SophieStablerSaturday11:00Wave 2F25-2939
40georgesafranauskasSaturday11:00Wave 2M17-1840
41SarahMansonSaturday11:00Wave 2F40-4441
42LiamJoyceSaturday11:00Wave 2M25-2942
43KieranLawtonSaturday11:00Wave 2M40-4443
44DanielHoskerSaturday11:00Wave 2M30-3444
45HollyPartridgeSaturday11:00Wave 2F30-3445
46JenniferMoorsSaturday11:00Wave 2F25-2946
47DaveFlitcroftSaturday11:00Wave 2M55-5947
48CathyFlitcroftSaturday11:00Wave 2F55-5948
49KatieThompsonSaturday11:00Wave 2F35-3949
50BenThompsonSaturday11:00Wave 2M35-3950
51SadieHatfieldSaturday11:00Wave 2F45-4951
52VickyAndersonSaturday11:00Wave 2F50-5452
53PhilipGartellSaturday11:00Wave 2M50-5453
54AlexManchesterSaturday11:00Wave 2M45-4954
55GarthSpencerSaturday11:00Wave 2M35-3955
56KieranWallerSaturday11:00Wave 2M20-2456
57MikeSlimSaturday11:00Wave 2M45-4957
58  Saturday11:00Wave 2  58
59  Saturday11:00Wave 2  59
60DebraCassarSaturday11:00Wave 2F50-5460
61BrendanTreanorSaturday11:00Wave 2M70-7461
62EmilyMarnerSaturday11:00Wave 2F30-3462

Wave 3

##First NameLast NameDayTimeWaveM/FAG##
63KristianRobinsonSunday08:30Wave 3M50-5463
64LukeSakerSunday08:30Wave 3M30-3464
65MattPartridgeSunday08:30Wave 3M35-3965
66StevePrescottSunday08:30Wave 3M40-4466
67RichPorterSunday08:30Wave 3M35-3967
68BethWhittakerSunday08:30Wave 3F35-3968
69NealMousdellSunday08:30Wave 3M40-4469
70HannahBullSunday08:30Wave 3F35-3970
71BennHailesSunday08:30Wave 3M35-3971
72DaveJousiffeSunday08:30Wave 3M35-3972
73rebeccaMckennaSunday08:30Wave 3F45-4973
74MatthewFieldingSunday08:30Wave 3M35-3974
75TimCareySunday08:30Wave 3M45-4975
76julieBriodySunday08:30Wave 3F45-4976
77ReeceMasseySunday08:30Wave 3M20-2477
78RichardClaySunday08:30Wave 3M45-4978
79JenniFarrerSunday08:30Wave 3F40-4479
80JamesMcQuaidSunday08:30Wave 3M25-2980
81StephenColleySunday08:30Wave 3M45-4981
82WinstonHenrySunday08:30Wave 3M45-4982
83KateWalshSunday08:30Wave 3F40-4483
84JamesFishlockSunday08:30Wave 3M30-3484
85LisaTownsendSunday08:30Wave 3F25-2985
86RichardCoulbySunday08:30Wave 3M55-5986
87ClaireRaynerSunday08:30Wave 3F35-3987
88DylanJamesSunday08:30Wave 3M25-2988
89DaveHighamSunday08:30Wave 3M60-6489
90LeanneTaylorSunday08:30Wave 3F50-5490
91JordanBamfordSunday08:30Wave 3M25-2991
92HelenCroftSunday08:30Wave 3F45-4992
93MatthewHollidaySunday08:30Wave 3M1993
94AlexWilliamsSunday08:30Wave 3M45-4994
95SiobhanBrennanSunday08:30Wave 3F45-4995
96SteveNixonSunday08:30Wave 3M55-5996
97ChrisMackaySunday08:30Wave 3M35-3997
98DanielRogersonSunday08:30Wave 3M30-3498
99hannahThomsonSunday08:30Wave 3F35-3999
100AnneKellySunday08:30Wave 3F45-49100
101NicholasRobertsSunday08:30Wave 3M50-54101
102LeahHoodlessSunday08:30Wave 3F25-29102
199AdamHindmarchSunday08:30Wave 3M30-34199
200DanielleMcEwanSunday08:30Wave 3F35-39200

Wave 4

##First NameLast NameDayTimeWaveM/FAG##
103JoeHoltSunday11:00Wave 4M30-34103
104SadieDysonSunday11:00Wave 4F45-49104
105CarolineParkerSunday11:00Wave 4F40-44105
106GarryBowerSunday11:00Wave 4M50-54106
107KatyDrewetteSunday11:00Wave 4F40-44107
108MartynWillcockSunday11:00Wave 4M55-59108
109MattVickersSunday11:00Wave 4M30-34109
110ChrisWardSunday11:00Wave 4M35-39110
111TonyMillingtonSunday11:00Wave 4M40-44111
112SteveDunwellSunday11:00Wave 4M40-44112
113MatVaughanSunday11:00Wave 4M40-44113
114LeeNichollsSunday11:00Wave 4M35-39114
115AlainaDewhurstSunday11:00Wave 4F25-29115
116CatDuncanSunday11:00Wave 4F50-54116
117TonyNichollsSunday11:00Wave 4M60-64117
118SiphoNdlovuSunday11:00Wave 4M30-34118
119AlexWardleSunday11:00Wave 4M35-39119
120CLAREBAYLISSSunday11:00Wave 4F45-49120
121bryanhopwoodSunday11:00Wave 4M55-59121
122JohnKirkhamSunday11:00Wave 4M70-74122
123GillHallidaySunday11:00Wave 4F50-54123
124DavidPeelSunday11:00Wave 4M40-44124
125GarethHurfurtSunday11:00Wave 4M50-54125
126KirstyReadSunday11:00Wave 4F45-49126
127GemmaAdenSunday11:00Wave 4F35-39127
128GarethMCcafferySunday11:00Wave 4M35-39128
129RebeccaDaviesSunday11:00Wave 4F25-29129
130StephenJonesSunday11:00Wave 4M55-59130
131MarcusDaviesSunday11:00Wave 4M25-29131
132Nicholas JohnDinsdaleSunday11:00Wave 4M65-69132