Dunham Massey Duathlon

Located close to Dunham Massey, this popular event has teamed up with Crossfit Altrincham once again. A flat looped run in Broadheath followed by a scenic country ride out into the village of Dunham Massey.

The Duathlon will take place between 9am and 12noon with several waves throughout the morning. There will be lots going on at the club, so supporters are very welcome.

This will be a fun event, suitable for all levels of athlete to enjoy their Sunday morning.

The Dunham Massey Duathlon boasts 3 events each year, with early and mid season options as well as a winter event.

This Go Tri Duathlon is perfect wether you are looking to step into a new sport, to take advantage of race day conditions in training for a bigger event or to test yourself against yoursefl or your club mates. Have a go at all 3 and see how your fitness has improved over the year then come back next year for more.

Bike course – https://connect.garmin.com/modern/course/15875183