Everything you need to know before the race

Many thanks for taking part in our event. We are very happy to have you compete with us and hope you enjoy yourself.

As a Go Tri event, it is not about racing and results but encouraging you to take part in what may be your first Triathlon. We have a super sprint and super super sprint course local to Wilmslow and Woodford for you to swim, bike and run around. The emphasis will be very much on your enjoyment and taking part. Having said this, if you are an experienced athlete, please go out and set the course record for us!!!

The first participants will be starting at 3pm, with swimmers divided into waves. When you register, we will give you your race number and start time. Please aim to get here between 14:00 – 14:30. This should give you plenty of time to register, prepare your kit in transition, familiarise yourself with the building, transition and poolside areas and to warm up. each wave will consist of four lanes with four swimmers in each lane.

Finally as we are using public roads, please make sure you abide by the highway code at all times.

Race Rules


  • There will be four lengths of the pool for the super super sprint and eight lengths for the super sprint distance.
  • The swim will start at the end closest to the fire door, not the side by the changing rooms.
  • Spectators will be able to sit by the window out of the way of other pool users.
  • Exit the pool by climbing out once you have completed your distance and carefully leave by the fire escape.
  • You are responsible for counting your own lengths.


  • You MUST wear a helmet at all times when on the bike. You will not be allowed to exit transition without one on.
  • You must not get on your bike until you are out of the gates onto Dairyhouse Lane where the bike course starts.
  • Your bike MUST be roadworthy. We will have a marshal available before the race if you would like it checking
  • Follow the Highway Code at all times on the bike and the run – this is NOT a closed road event, you DO NOT right of way.
  • If you’re overtaking anybody, make sure you check over your shoulder for upcoming traffic
  • You are responsible for counting your own laps. There are 2 laps. Lap 1 ends as you turn left off Hall Moss Lane onto Blossoms Lane.
  • Where marshals aren’t present, follow the McA Fitness & Events signs.
  • There are several speed bumps and some road furniture. Please take care for these.


  • This is an out and back course.
  • Follow the Highway Code at all times on the bike and the run – this is NOT a closed road event, you DO NOT have right of way.
  • Even if a junction is marshalled, still check for yourself that your route is clear.
  • Be aware of other pedestrians, especially with prams and wheelchairs
  • Stay on the pavement at all times.


  • You MUST have your helmet on BEFORE you leave the transition.
  • Be respectful of other athletes equipment, as you would want them to be of yours


We will have a designated First Aider on site should you need it and marshals will be provided with a small first aid kit


Any lost property, found or missing, please ask at reception


We have separate male and female changing areas in the club, both with access to poolside. Should you need to lock anything away, please bring your own padlock or you can purchase one from reception. All items left are left at your own risk.


There will be water available at reception. We also stock a variety of sports drinks and protein shakes as well as hot drinks, all available from the café and reception.


There is ample parking within the clubs grounds. Please be aware that you will need the passcode to leave the car park. This is available at reception and registration.


Please be aware and considerate as we are racing on residential roads.


Total Fitness Wilmslow, off A34 Handforth Bypass, Wilmslow, SK9 3PE