Blackpool Junior Aquathlon

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Adult / Youth Sprint 24th Mar 2024 (£25) Junior Tri Star(t) – 24th Mar 2024 (£18)
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Take on our first every Aquathlon at Palatine Leisure Centre in Blackpool.  Fancy a swim followed by a run? Then this event is for you.  It’s an excellent venue and perfect opportunity to give something new a try.  The GO TRI Aquathlon aims to give beginners a chance to race in a friendly atmosphere whilst our Tri Star (t) waves are strictly for juniors and form part of the North West Series. (Age group is determined by the age on the last day of the year so please select the correct age when booking)


  • Location: Blackpool, FY4 2AP
  • Distance:


  • Date: 24th March 2024
  • Entry: ££18 – £25
  • Difficulty: Easy

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Event Detail

Come down and take part in our first Aquathlon at Blackpool’s Palatine Leisure Centre.  Open to all ages and forms part of the North West Junior Series.  This Swim and Run event has something for everybody.  Open to ages 8 upwards with swim distances from 50 metres to 500 metres depending on age and run distances from 600metres to 2500 metres.  The Swim will take place in the pool at Palatine Leisure centre following by a closed circuit run around their amazing cycle track.

Next Events

Lancashire Junior Tristar(t) – 30th July 2023

Our Junior event is open to ages from 8 – 14 and is suitable for all abilities.  All that is required is a safe bike and helmet and a pair of trainers.  Distances will vary dependant on age so please ensure you select the correct age group when booking.  All junior duathlons will take place within the university grounds. 

Waves start at 9am with Tri Start, with each proceeding age group starting at hourly intervals. Tri Start – 09:00, Tri Star 1 – 10:00, Tri Star 2 – 11:00, Tri Star 3 – 12:00.

  • Location: UCLAN Preston, PR2 1SG
  • Distance:


  • Entry: £12
  • Difficulty: Easy
North West Junior Series Event
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East Cheshire Aquathlon

Take on our Junior Aquathlon at Kings School in Macclesfield.  Fancy a swim followed by a run? Then this event is for you.  It’s an excellent venue and perfect opportunity to give something new a try. We wanted to provide another opportunity for juniors to experience a Swim, Run event in the North West. open to anybody aged 8 and over, we are offering a full compliment of junior waves, including a youth and adult wave to finish the day off.eciality and are open to anybody aged 15 or above of all abilities.  They can be used as an introduction into multi-sport events or by seasoned pros for race preparation and technique improvement.  The event starts at 09:00 with a mass start. Start lists will be posted here when entries close the day before the event starts. 

  • Location: Kings School Macclesfield
  • Distance:

    R: 2.15k B: 11.19k, R: 2.15k

  • Entry: £15
  • Difficulty: Easy
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Lancashire SPRINT – 30th July 2023

SPRINTS are timed permitted events for those of you looking for more of a challenge. Although a longer route it’s still suitable for all abilities. If you fancy more of a challenge then this is the event for you. The Sprint wave will start at 13:30 once all junior waves are complete.

  • Location: UCLAN Preston, PR2 1SG
  • Distance:

    R: 4.65k B: 17.44k R: 2.15k

  • Entry: £35 – £40
  • Difficulty: Medium
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What’s Included

Snazzy Medal


Yummy Sweets (Supplied by Swizzels Matlow)

Manual timing


Welcoming Atmosphere


Medal Reward

Event Briefing Details


Please arrive 15 – 30 minutes before your wave start time. This should give you ample time to register and familiarise yourself with transition, warm up, discuss any queries you may have with the team and use the facilities if necessary. Waves start at 08:30 for the Blackpool Aquathlon.  The Start list is a live start list and can be found here.  It may be subject to change so be sure to check on it regularly. 

Car Parking

There is ample car parking onsite at Palatine Leisure Centre. Please ensure you park safely and within the lines of the parking bays. If the car park is full and you need to park elsewhere, please ensure you do so legally and with due care for residents and other road users.


Registration for each wave officially opens 30 minutes before your wave start time.  Upon arriving just ask one of the team and they will direct you to where we have pitched up to get you sorted.  Don’t be afraid to ask if you come early.  If we are ready we will be only to happy to get you registered.

Transition Area

As this is an Aquathlon, there will be no specific transition area. Please bring your running shoes and a small towel to the poolside area where you will be shown an area to put them while you’re swimming. You can then put your shoes on before you run over to the track for the run.

Spectators Support

Spectators are more than welcome to our events.  We actively encourage them as there is nothing better than crossing the finishing line to the sound of a roaring crowd.  Where possible we do ask all spectators to be mindful of local residents and try and keep pathways clear.  

Pre Race Breifing

There will be a pre race briefing in the transition area 15 minutes before each race start time.   Here we will go over race detail, explain any amendments and answer any questions. 

The pre race breifing is extremely important and we urge every participant to make sure they listen.


You will start on poolside at your allocated lane. you will be invited in the water at which point you’ll be able to start. There will be a maximum of 4 swimmers in each lane and swimmers will start at 5 second intervals


The run will be entirely on the cycle track, with no traffic, just other runners.

Please run on the left hand side to allow for overtaking and returning runners.

Each wave will have a slightly different run distance.

TriStart – 600m (300m out, 300m back)

TriStar 1 – 1500m (1 1/2 times round the track using cut through to create half distance)

TriStar 2 – 2000m (Twice round the track)

TriStar 3 – 3000m (3 times around the full track)

Youth and GO TRI – 2500m (2 1/2 times round the track using cut through to create half distance)


The finish line will be marked with flags near to the entry to the track. If this isn’t the case you will be notified during the pre race briefing 15 minutes before the start time. 

Please make your way safely from the finish line away from other runners where you will be able to cool down and catch your breath.

Results will be posted on this page as soon as we can compile them (usually within the week following the event)   Please also be aware that results are recorded manually and while we make every effort to ensure accurate results, human error is possible. If any results appear incorrect, please us know by email and we will endeavour to amend these before submitting to Go Tri.

Manual Timing

Our races are manually timed by taking pictures of your race number.  We can’t give you a time if we can’t photograph your number.  Shouting your number out to us won’t get you a time.  

You will not need a number during the swim, however please ensure you wear your number on the front and that it is clearly visible during the run.  Safety pins are available at transition. 

We are happy if you have a race belt as long as we can photograph your number at each of the check points from the front.

Our check point marshalls are not gymnasts and will not chase you or shout at you to see your number.  If they cant photograph your number easily from the front then there will be no time provided unfortunately.  



I know we don’t need to remind anybody but we will anyway.  There are always bins provided at each and every event.  Can all participants please ensure that all rubbish is cleared before leaving.  Out on the course be mindful that these are residential areas so please refrain from throwing rubbish out on the course i.e fitness gels.  Keep them with you and dispose of them at transition.  

If you cannot find a bin any of our marshalls will be happy to dispose of your rubbish on your behalf.


Can anyone take part in your events?

Yes, these events are aimed at everybody over the age of 8. As a Go Tri event, we are creating accessible multisport events suitable for all abilities.  Please ensure you select the correct race for your age group.

Which Age Group am I in?

Age group are based on the age you will be on 31/12 of the year you are rcaing. 

For example, if the event is on 26th March 2023 and your date of birth is 14th October 2012, you will be 10 on race day, but will be entered into the TriStar 2 (11-12) age group as you’ll be 11 on 31/12/23.

Can my son/daughter take part with me?

They can’t race with you unless they are 15 r over but this event boast full age group categories for children aged 8 – 14 so get them booked in and introduce them to this wonderful sport.

Can you put me in an early wave please?

There will be 2 waves for each age group and you can choose which one on entry.  Start lists with your official start time will be published on this page after entries have closed the day before the event.

Will I get a medal on completion?

Yes, everybody will receive a medal

What time does the race start?

TriStart (8) – 08:30

TriStar 1 (9-10) – 08:40

TriStar 2 (11-12) – 09:00

TriStar 3 (13-14) – 09:30

GO TRI Youth – 10:00

GO TRI Adult – 10:30

Why is the adult run shorter than the juniors?

The junior waves (8-14 years) are at the maximum allowed by British Triathlon rules for the relevant age groups.

15 -16 can race in events up to and including Sprint Distance and 17 year olds can race up to and including standard distance and 18-19 year olds can race up to middle and long distance.

As this event has junior waves and a GO TRI wave, we have included 15+ in the GO TRI and GO TRI has a maximum limit of 500m swim and 2500m run.

What are the Age Groups

Tri Start – 8 year olds

TriStar 1 – 9-10 years old

TriStar 2 – 11-12 years old

TriStar 3 – 13-14 years old

Youths – 15-19 years old

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