Central Lancashire Duathlon

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Preston Duathlon.

Adult GO TRI 30th July 2022 (£15) Junior TRISTAR(t) – 31st July 2022 (£12) ADULT SPRINT – 31st July 2022 (£35 – £40)
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Have you got what it takes to take on our newest event?  Perfect for all ability levels.  We are also proud to announce we have full junior age group races for the first time. The GO TRI duathlon aims to give beginners a chance to race in a friendly atmosphere whilst our Sprint event on Sunday will test even the more seasoned pro. Juniors can enter from age 8 – 14.


  • Location: UCLAN Preston, PR2 1SG
  • Date: 30th & 31st July
  • Entry: £12 – £40
  • Difficulty: Easy

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Event Detail

Our Central Lancashire Duathlon is hosted at UCLAN the University of Central Lancashire.  Making use of their superb facilities you will be running and cycling on their amazing Crit track.  There is no road cycling or running at this event making it extra safe for all of our entrants.  Everything takes place within the university grounds. 

This our newest event also boasts a full range of junior age group categories to help bring new talent into the sport.  We  want to encourage everybody to give it a try.  All Junior duathlons will take place within the grounds so completely away from any traffic.   All you need to take part is a safe bike and helmet, a pair of trainers and a willingness to give it a go.  

As you can see from the distances there is something for every ability at this event so take a look and get yourself booked in.  All races will be timed and every entry will receive a medal for taking part. 

Run Bike Routes

Next Events

Lancashire GO TRI – 30th July 2022

GO TRI events are our speciality and are open to anybody aged 15 or above of all abilities.  They can be used as an introduction into multi-sport events or by seasoned pros for race preparation and technique improvement.  The event starts at 09:00 with a mass start. Start lists will be posted here when entries close the day before the event starts. 

  • Location: UCLAN Preston, PR2 1SG
  • Distance:

    R: 2.15k B: 11.19k, R: 2.15k

  • Entry: £15
  • Difficulty: Easy
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Lancashire Junior Tristar(t) – 31st July 2022

Our Junior event is open to ages from 8 – 14 and is suitable for all abilities.  All that is required is a safe bike and helmet and a pair of trainers.  Distances will vary dependant on age so please ensure you select the correct age group when booking.  All junior duathlons will take place within the university grounds. 

Waves start at 9am with Tri Start, with each proceeding age group starting at hourly intervals. Tri Start – 09:00, Tri Star 1 – 10:00, Tri Star 2 – 11:00, Tri Star 3 – 12:00.

  • Location: UCLAN Preston, PR2 1SG
  • Distance:


  • Entry: £12
  • Difficulty: Easy
North West Junior Series Event
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Lancashire SPRINT – 31st July 2022

SPRINT Sunday is an electronically timed permitted event for those of you looking for more of a challenge. Although a longer route it’s still suitable for all abilities. If you fancy more of a challenge then this is the event for you. The Sprint wave will start at 13:30 once all junior waves are complete.

  • Location: UCLAN Preston, PR2 1SG
  • Distance:

    R: 4.65k B: 17.44k R: 2.15k

  • Entry: £35 – £40
  • Difficulty: Medium
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Start List

What’s Included

ECO Friendly Medal



Chipped timing (Sunday)

Manual timing (Saturday)

Medal Reward

Event Briefing Details


Please arrive 15 – 30 minutes before your wave start time. This should give you ample time to familiarise yourself with transition, warm up, discuss any queries you may have with the team and use the facilities if necessary. Waves start at 09:00, on both days.  Start lists will be posted on this page with your number and official start time the day before the event take place.

Car Parking

There is ample parking at UCLAN so no worries in this department. Drive in and look out for our registration van.  We promise you wont miss us.


Your race number and medal will be at an allocated place in transition. This will be your area to keep your bike and trainers and any nutrition/hydration you may require during the event.

Transition Area

You will have a specific area within transition where you can keep your bike, running shoes and any nutrition/hydration you require during the event. Please keep any bags or items you will not need during the event in your car. There will be no additional storage available.

Spectators Support

Spectators are more than welcome.  There is a cafe on site that has been prepped and ready to serve your every need for coffees, teas, bacon barms and loads more.


The start line will be marked on the ground, with Black and Yellow tape. It will be away from transition, positioned appropriately for social distancing.

We are reintroducing a staggered mass start. we will be starting 10 participants every 30 seconds at all events. This means less hanging around at the start for you, while enabling an opportunity to maintain social distancing where possible and avoiding any bottlenecking early on the run courses.

Please ensure you maintain social distancing while waiting to start. And be ready to start a your allocated time to avoid holing up any other participants. If you arrive at the start time after your time has gone, you will have to wait until all other participants have started to commence your race.


Please run on the left side of the track to allow for overtaking and returning runners.

Please ensure you are adhering to social distancing measures while running. Overtaking is allowed but if you are overtaken, please drop back slightly to allow for adequate distance. If you overtake, please move over to the right, but ensure you avoid any oncoming runners.


The mount line will be well out of the car park/transition area, and it will be marked with a flag. The dismount line will be at the same line as where you mounted your bike. Please walk/run with your bike from/to transition. DO NOT mount or dismount before these points. This has been put in place to avoid any confusion between cyclists, runners or motorists as well as providing additional space to adhere to social distancing.

All riders MUST wear a helmet and will not be allowed on the course without one.

All junior riders will ride on the crit track within the university grounds but must still follow the above.


The finish line will be at the start line where your time will be manually recorded. Please make your way safely from the finish line back to transition where you will be able to cool down and catch your breath.

Please do not return to the finish line at any point after you have finished. This is to avoid any unnecessary contact.

Results will be posted online and emailed on early in the week following the event, please do not ask for your time at the finish. Please also be aware that results are recorded manually and while we make every effort to ensure accurate results, human error is possible. If any results appear incorrect, please let me know by email and I will endeavour to amend these before submitting to Go Tri.

I thank you for your support and patience as events were put on hold during Lockdown.

If you have any questions I haven’t answered here, please get in touch by email, social media or text and I will be happy to answer any questions.


Can anyone take part in your events?

Yes, these events are aimed at everybody. As a Go Tri event, we are creating accessible duathlons suitable for all abilities.  Please ensure you select the correct race.

Can my son/daughter take part with me?

They can’t race with you unless they are 15 r over but this event boast full age group categories for children aged 8 – 14 so get them booked in and introduce them to this wonderful sport.

Do I need a road bike to enter?

As long as your bike is road legal, you can ride any bike you own. Mountain, road, time trial, even shoppers with baskets.

When do I drop my bike off at transition?

Registration will open at 8am the morning of the event. Get yourself registered, then take your bike and anything else you need to transition. Transition will be manned at all times and only athletes with race numbers will be permitted entry.

Can you put me in an early wave please?

The first athletes will start at 09:00. We aim to have as many athletes on the course at the same time as possible. This will reduce hanging around before and after the event and will also help create a great atmosphere on the course.  Start lists with your official start time will be published on this page after entries have closed the day before the event.

Will I get a medal on completion?

Yes, everybody will receive a medal

What time does the race start?

GO TRI Saturday 30th July – 09:00, Junior Waves Sunday 31st July – Tri Start – 09:00, Tri Star 1 – 10:00, Tri Star 2 – 11:00, Tri Star 3 – 12:00, Sprint – Sunday 31st July 13:00

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Map & Address

UCLAN Sports Arena,
Tom Benson Way,