Refund Policy

For full transparency, as an organisation, our objective is to see as many people participate in multisport as possible. While doing so, we must ensure that we maintain a positive cashflow and so, we must have a refund policy n place.

Refunds or Deferrals will only be offered if notice is provided to the organiser prior to the event. 

Refunds will only be offered if an entrant is injured and therefore can no longer participate. Any other reason for withdrawal will be deemed as personal choice, therefore only entitled to a deferral.

Deferrals will be offered under all other circumstances where notice has been provided before race day.

Any emails to the organiser stating withdrawal, you will be offered a deferral at first point as we would love to see you participate with us at a time you are able to. Unless you state in your withdrawal email you require a refund, a deferral will be offered by reply and no further option for a refund will be available. 

Refunds – Refunds will be subject to a 10% admin fee to cover our non recoupable costs. Any Race Pass purchases (£8 Adult / £2 Junior) for Sprint or Super Sprint or Junior Distance events cannot be refunded as these are fixed costs on entry.


Junior Entry – £18 Refund available – £16.20

Super Sprint Entry – £20, Refund available – £18

Sprint – £35, Refund available – £31.50


Junior Entry – £18, Refund available – £16.20

Sprint Entry – £25, Refund available – £22.50


Super Sprint – £30, Refund available – £27

Sprint & Relay – £50, Refund available – £45

Deferrals – should you choose to defer your entry, you will be sent a code entitling you to discount off another event to the same value. We cannot include the cost of your day membership in a deferral as it is a cost we will incur for both the original booked event and the deferred enry.