Disciplines And Distances A Pod Cast

Welcome to the first of our pod cast series.  What follows is a transcription of one of our latest convesations between Andy and Triathlon Dan. 

Recorded in Andys unique style he hopes to bring a  little more information on this wonderful multi sport to the masses.

Catch the full recording of this podcast or just read our edited transcription.

ANDY: So what is a Triathlon?

DAN: Triathlon is the sport of swim bike and run.  A Triathlon is the true definition of an athlete  not these athletes who do just one sport.  With Triathlon you’ve got to be good at three.

ANDY: Can you tell us a bit more Dan?

DAN: Triathlon was created in San Diego I think I remember seeing and if I say a year really confidently nobody will question me will they? Im saying it was created in 1983

ANDY: Cheers Dan. Yes indeed Triathlon is the sport of Swim Bike Run.  It was invented in San Diego and in fact it dates back to the early 1970s and originated with the San Diego Track Club

ANDY: The first triathlon event was held on September 25th 1974.   Don Shanahan and Jack Johnstone are the pioneers  in the history of triathlon

ANDY: Back then the Triathlon composed of a 10k run, 8k cycle and a 500m swim and in 1989 the sport was awarded Olympic status and featured for the first time at the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

ANDY: Triathlon and other multi sport disciplines are competitive across different distances.  

ANDY: The standard or Olympic distance triathlon is 1500m swim, 40k bike and a 10k run.

ANDY: The shorter sprint is usually a 750m swim, 20k bike and finishes with a 5K run.  

ANDY: As the distances get longer we’ve got middle distance alternatively known as a 70.3 or a half iron man this is a 1900m swim , 90k bike and half marathon to finish.

ANDY: This distance covers a total of 70.3 miles hence its name.

ANDY: Finally we have the full Iron Man or long distance event. This one has a massive 3.8k swim, 180k bike and a full marathon at 42.2k for the run.

ANDY: Triathlon is the flagship multi sport and remains the only one to be part of the Olympics.

ANDY: Welcome back Triathlon Dan to tell us more about the other disciplines

DAN: Duathlon is only running and cycling but it is run bike run so you are getting two runs in whilst only cycling once

DAN: Aquathlon is the sport of swim to run the short end of the stick on both sides 🙂 

DAN: And finally Aqua Bike. Aquabike is the sport of swim and then bike and then your finished. No running involved.

ANDY: Coming to terms with Triathlon has been brought to you by McA Fitness