Married At First Sight – Would you?

Married At First Sight is a reality TV show on All 4. I’m sure you’ve heard about it if you haven’t been watching it?

The concept was that 10 couples, who were looking for love, got married without meeting, seeing a photo or even knowing their match’s name. They were put together by relationship experts who interviewed them in detail to find their perfect matches. Without giving anything away, some couples went the distance with little to no trouble, the majority faced and overcame challenges along the way and some stumbled at various points exiting the experiment.

It’s a fascinating show and it got me to thinking that while marriage is an extreme of something to do with no preparation or background work, what about Triathlon and multi-sport?

Would you or have you participated in an event with no training? Imagine deciding to do an Ironman, having never swam, cycled or ran before and then proceeding to the start line with no training and no prior race day experience… 140.6  miles with no tools in place to get you from the start to the finish. Even an Olympic distance Triathlon would be a big ask.

Now don’t get me wrong, there will be somebody who is capable of such a feat, but they will have to be in the right place both physically and mentally. A marathon runner or Crossfitter for example, may be capable of completing either short course or long course with little to no specific training. Their lifestyle however puts them at an advantage, as they train regularly, have strong aerobic fitness and the mind-set to overcome pain and fatigue.

Now what about us mere mortals? A couch to 5km program always includes 8 weeks of specific exercise and 3 – 5 sessions a week. I would always advise a client on the best protocol to get you to your goal and never just drop you at the start line. It’s as much about the journey and the process as it is the result. In fact, quite often completing the goal can leave you feeling less motivated than the training you have put in. The “what now” syndrome. Once you have completed your Ironman, you have nothing to look forward to tomorrow…

So would you take on a life changing challenge without a bit of planning? I know I wouldn’t.

I would however take on a Go Tri, a short, accessible multi sport event suitable for all abilities. With no training, challenging enough to get around and finish. With a few weeks or months of specific training, can you go sub 60? Or are you up for challenging for top spot if you’re a triathlete getting some race day training in for your competitive race?

I’m not suggesting you come and take part in a Go Tri without any training, but it is a great starting point before your first short course or long distance event. Something you can participate in, enjoy and compete if you want.

This is exactly why here at McA Fitness & Events, we offer so many events during the year. Each one an opportunity for all level of participant to use a “race day” experience as part of their training plan. More specifically, its why our third flagship event is named “Come & Give It A Go Tri”, it’s all about coming and giving it a go!

At this early stage of the season (at time of writing), have you tested your fitness yet? Do you know someone who has picked up cycle or running in the last year, who you could encourage to test their fitness?

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I’m looking forward to seeing everyone again and meeting more new faces as events continue in 2021 and beyond…

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