Pre Event Briefing

****Please look at the individual event pages for upto date information on events****


Firstly I would like to thank you for entering an McA Fitness & Events Duathlon

You should be aware of the change of format for this event and all of our events going forward. There will be a GO TRI event on the Saturday and a Sprint(ish) distance on the Sunday. Waves will be allocated between 09:00 and 11:00 prior to the start date and everybody will be notified well in advance. We are restricted to 200 participants to ensure we are able to practise social distancing as best possible.

Waves will start at 09:00 and 11:00 on Saturday and 09:00 on Sunday. You signed up for a specific wave and that is the wave you are registered for. You will receive an email with entry lists which will include your race numbers in the week ahead of the event.


GO TRI Events Saturdays

Wave times – 9am – 11am

Sprint Distances Sundays – 9am – 11am

Pre Event

Below you will find a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire, I ask that you complete and return this at your earliest convenience. It is especially important to take note that if necessary I will share your contact details with NHS Track & Trace.

Please adhere to social distancing guidelines at all times. Myself and Louie will make every effort to provide enough space for you to maintain at least 2 metres from any other person within the transition area and ask that you continue to do so during the event.

I will supply hand sanitiser which will be available for you to use this before and after the race.

You must not share equipment with any other participant and please ensure that you clear any rubbish and either use the bins provided or take it home with you.

Please understand that while we will do as much as we can to ensure your safety, we also expect a common sense approach from all participants. Anybody we feel is not adhering to guidelines in a sensible fashion, will be asked to leave. And remember your safety is your own responsibility.


Please arrive 15 – 30 minutes before your wave start time. This should give you ample time to familiarise yourself with transition, warm up, discuss any queries you may have with the team and use the facilities if necessary.

Car Parking

Manchester Airport Duathlon – There is ample free parking at the hotel. This parking is usually pay and display, however as we are hotel guests, we can ensure free parking by entering your vehicle registration in the tablet on reception. Please note it is your responsibility to ensure you have done this and any parking fines resulting in not recording your registration, will need to be appealed by yourself.

Dunham Massey Duathlon – There will be no car parking available at The Bramley Farm public house. There is ample parking at Waitrose over the road from the venue, where you will have 2 hours free parking. If you feel you may need additional time, please utilise safe on street parking.

The Woodford Community Duathlon – There is ample free parking onsite as well as nearby side roads with adequate space to park. As this event is within a residential area, please ensure you park with due care and respect for residents.


Your race number and medal will be at an allocated place in transition. This will be your area to keep your bike and trainers and any nutrition/hydration you may require during the event.


Manchester Airport Duathlon – The Airport Inn Hotel – SK9 4LR

Dunham Massey Duathlon – The Bramley Farm Pub – WA14 5ZL

The Woodford Community Duathlon – Woodford Community War Memorial – SK7 1PS

All venues will be open to the public throughout your time at the event, so please be aware of this at all times.

Please note that if you wish to use the toilet, you may enter the venue with a face mask on and no rack and trace information will be required. If you wish to eat or drink after your event (Dunham Massey Duathlon only), please be aware you will be required to book a table and all diners will be required to complete track and trace information. You will also be required to follow current social distancing legislation and will not be able to sit inside in groups containing multiple households. If you wish to utilise the outdoor seating, you will not be able to sit in groups larger than 6 and multiple groups will not be able to mingle. I understand this is unusual information to receive in a pre event briefing, however both venues and British Triathlon have asked that we ensure all participants are advised accordingly. It is ultimately your responsibility to behave in a safe and legal manner.

Transition Area

You will have a specific area within transition where you can keep your bike, running shoes and any nutrition/hydration you require during the event. Please keep any bags or items you will not need during the event in your car. There will be no additional storage available.

Spectators & Support

I understand that your friends and family may wish to come and watch you participate. Spectators are always welcome at our events, however, as you know, I have amended the format of this event in order to conform with social distancing guidelines. There will be 60 participants and up to 3 staff members, so we are not encouraging spectators on site at transition. We are making every effort to keep the gathering size to a minimum and reduce number of people using the pubs facilities.

If your friends and family wish to come and support you, then I would recommend they head out onto the course to see you run and or cycle past. If they wish to stay at event HQ, then they must not enter transition and we ask that they remain in the designated spectators area.

Please understand that the safety of all my participants and staff as well as venue residents and staff are my priority in setting out these guidelines.

Another effort we are making to reduce risk is that there will not be any marshals on the course. Again I am making every effort to reduce the number of people at HQ at the start and finish and to minimise contact the whole day. I will be ensuring the course is well signed as always and we will be putting additional signs out as well as cones at various points along the course, to ensure you don’t get lost. My contact details are also on all signage, so any issues, you will be able to contact me.


The start line will be marked on the ground, with Black and Yellow tape. It will be away from transition, positioned appropriately for social distancing.

We are reintroducing a staggered mass start. we will be starting 10 participants every 30 seconds at all events. This means less hanging around at the start for you, while enabling an opportunity to maintain social distancing where possible and avoiding any bottlenecking early on the run courses.

Please ensure you maintain social distancing while waiting to start. And be ready to start a your allocated time to avoid holing up any other participants. If you arrive at the start time after your time has gone, you will have to wait until all other participants have started to commence your race.


GO TRI Manchester Airport Duathlon (2.5km) –

Manchester Airport Duathlon (4km) –

GO TRI Dunham Massey Duathlon –

GO TRI The Woodford Community Duathlon –

Please run on the left side of the pavement to allow for overtaking and returning runners.

Please ensure you are adhering to social distancing measures while running. Overtaking is allowed but if you are overtaken, please drop back slightly to allow for adequate distance. If you overtake, please move over to the right, but ensure you avoid any oncoming runners.


GO TRI Manchester Airport Duathlon –

Manchester Airport Duathlon –

GO TRI Dunham Massey Duathlon –

GO TRIThe Woodford Community Duathlon –

The mount line will be well out of the car park/transition area, and it will be marked with a flag. The dismount line will be at the same line as where you mounted your bike. Please walk/run with your bike from/to transition. DO NOT mount or dismount before these points. This has been put in place to avoid any confusion between cyclists, runners or motorists as well as providing additional space to adhere to social distancing.

All riders MUST wear a helmet and will not be allowed on the course without one.


The finish line will be at the start line where your time will be manually recorded. Please make your way safely from the finish line back to transition where you will be able to cool down and catch your breath.

Please do not return to the finish line at any point after you have finished. This is to avoid any unnecessary contact.

Results will be posted online and emailed on early in the week following the event, please do not ask for your time at the finish. Please also be aware that results are recorded manually and while we make every effort to ensure accurate results, human error is possible. If any results appear incorrect, please let me know by email and I will endeavour to amend these before submitting to Go Tri.

I thank you for your support and patience as events were put on hold during Lockdown.

If you have any questions I haven’t answered here, please get in touch by email, social media or text and I will be happy to answer any questions.