Race Technical Official Alert (Or Explainer)

Have you ever wondered what that person in grey is there for on a race day?  

Well wonder no more.  We’ve reached out to Andy Moxon who is an actual (yes really) Race Technical official (the guy in grey on a race day).  We asked him if he could give us an insight to what he does and what the role of a technical official involves.  He didn’t disappoint.

So what is a TO?

The role of Technical Officials is primarily to promote the enjoyment of the sport but uphold the rules where safety and fairness may be compromised.

In other words, we were there to help and advise. We’re not there to disqualify and penalise, unless there is no other action we can take. We always try to educate, not penalise. We will always come and talk to you where we can.

 We’re all friendly and will always help with advice on race day.

What sort of things are we looking for?

Littering is a big no no. If you’re caught throwing your empty gel packets or any rubbish. You WILL be sent back to pick it up or disqualified. Littering is one of the things that is not tolerated by race organisers and TOs as it can jeopardise future events. Remember if you can carry it full, you can carry it empty.

Headphones no headphones are allowed to be worn in transition or out on the race course. This is for safety reasons but why would you want to listen to music and miss out on all the encouragement you will receive out on the course.

Helmets. Remember helmets must be fastened on your way into transition when racking your bike. You can only unfasten and remove once your bike is racked. Again in T1 you MUST put on and fasten your helmet before touching your bike and again in T2 you must leave your helmet on and fastened until you have racked your bike.

Bad language or aggression towards athletes or marshals. Remember most people who are helping at events are doing so for free so you can take part. Without them there would be no event.

Remember this is YOUR day whether it’s your first event or your 1000th. Enjoy yourself, you work hard to get to where you are.

Smile and your photos will look better.

Don’t be afraid to come and talk to us TO’s we’re all friendly and will always answer your questions.

I hope to see you all at a race one day soon and I may even ask you about the rules. Lol

Thanks very much Andy for that insight it  has certainly cleared a lot of grey areas up.  Hopefully you won’t  have to step in at any of our events. 

If anybody has any questions regarding the role or any specific race day questions they wouldn’t dare to ask on race day then ask away in the comments and we will put them to Andy.