The Reasons You Should Get Into Cycling

Recently, you’ve likely seen more cyclists out on the road. Cycling is on the up and up. It’s an easy, flexible and fast sport that can get you to your destination in minutes. It also results in fewer injuries and joint pains over the long term compared with running.

Some people are hesitant to cycle, possibly because of the dangers that could be associated with busy streets. But don’t let fear stop you. Cycling is a great activity, but only if done properly.

This keeps you healthy

Cycling is good for your health. Cycling is a cardio exercise which increases your heart rate. It can also reduce your risk of getting illnesses like cancer and heart disease. Cycling regularly can improve posture and stability, which makes it a great exercise for daily activities. Cycling is also great for anyone looking to tone up or lose weight. Cycling burns up to 400 calories an hour, and it works your legs, arms and glutes. It’s an excellent full-body workout you will feel immediately.

Better Than A Stress Ball

The mind is also benefited by cycling. Exercise has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety by releasing endorphins. Focusing on the rhythm of your pedal stroke, speed and location in nature can help reduce anxiety and stress. Next time you feel anxious or stressed out, head out for a bike ride and focus your mind and soul.

You can get from A to B at a cost-effective price.

In the last year, cycling has gained popularity because it allows us to travel quickly and without having to use public transportation. Cycling is an excellent way to get around without having to spend a cent. It’s amazing how much money you can save if you don’t pay for petrol and train tickets every week during your commute. It’s also a great way to have an adventure. There are many epic biking trips you can take in the UK. The more you ride, the faster you will become. The steep, ominous hill will no longer phase you. You’ll be zipping to work within minutes.

A Big Happy Family

Some cyclists enjoy the solitude, while others are drawn to the sense of camaraderie that the sport brings. It’s a special experience to ride with friends, and reach your destination as a team.

This is a very green thing to do

Cycling is an environmentally-friendly way of getting around, much like walking. You probably know that car emissions contribute to global warming and ground level ozone. We have a great alternative in cycling. Now is a great time to get started, as cities in the UK have become increasingly cycle friendly. Cycling is not just good for you, it’s also great for others. This is truly a win-win situation.

The Nature of Your Soul.

It’s great to cycle because you can connect with nature and experience a sense of adventure. Even if you live in a large city, it’s usually pretty simple to ride into the country. Cycling can also help you navigate nearer to your home, and give you a greater sense of the neighbourhood.

It’s easier on the joints than running

Exercise is important for our health. For some, exercising is more difficult than putting on some shoes and going to the gym. Certain exercises may not be possible for people with disabilities, chronic illness or injuries. Cycling is a low-impact exercise that is gentle on joints. It is a good alternative to HIIT or running. This is a great option for people recovering from an injury or those with back pain and arthritis. If you are unsure, consult your doctor before riding a bike.We don’t currently have any cycling only events on our calendar but we do specialise in Duathlon Events so feel free to take a look at them and get yourself booked on.