Sprint Sold Out, 2nd Wave Announced…

What an extraordinary result. When we first spoke with The University of Liverpool Triathlon club about collaborating for an event, we thought we’d get a few in from the university and a handful of others. 

Previously when we have created a brand new event, it’s been a quiet affair, something for us to build on and to get our teeth stuck into.

This time around though with the Hale Village Duathlon, we have had such a tremendous response!! 

I think the multisport world was crying out for a very early season duathlon in a new location in the north west.

The actual race HQ is quite small, with a capacity for 80-90 bikes in transition. We knew we were going to have to use a second wave quite early on, but we also knew we had a good group from the University of Liverpool as well as Nottingham, York and Birmingham.

We therefore decided to dedicate the second wave to the university clubs straight away. 

It’s only tonight, when I’ve actually sat down and looked at the start list that I’ve realised just how busy we’re gonna be on Saturday. The 11:30 Sprint distance wave is now SOLD OUT.

Any sprint distance entries since 21st January and going forward will be entered into the 14:00 wave.

If you entered the Hale Village Duathlon prior to the 21st January and would like to be in the 2pm wave, please drop me an email and let me know as this will clear up some spaces in the earlier wave.

We still have some room on the 9am GO TRI wave too if you fancy a shooter course or are a stronger runner. And of course, the 2pm wave is still open to entries.