Sweeeeet Sponsorship Deal

We wanted to take to our blog to introduce our newest sponsor…Swizzels Matlow.

Once they heard that we provide their sweets to each participant at our events, Jeremy (The big cheese) and his awesome team kindly decided to sponsor ALL of our 2023 events.

They sent us enough sweets to rival Willy Wonka himself:

At first we thought that storage was going to be a problem but quickly realised that the hard job was going to be keeping Andy away from them all throughout the year.

We just wanted to say a massive and public thank you to Jeremy and everybody at Swizzels for their kind gesture it really means a lot to us and will go a long way in helping us to keep our events coming.

If you fancy tucking into some sweets as-well as challenging yourself in a new way. Stop typing duathlons near me into Google and just head over to our events page and get yourself booked on.