What To Expect On The Day Of An McA Event

We get a lot of questions through our socials and thought it would be a good idea to address a selection of them on a blog post. Rather than randomly just answer them all here I have compiled a few that are similar in nature and the most popular:

Will I be able to do this event?

What do I do when I get there?

What will my number be?

What’s my  wave time?

We get asked those questions over and over again so here’s my attempt at answering them as well as quickly explaining roughly what event days typically look like.

We pride ourselves on offering something for everybody.  The simple answer to “will you be able to do the event” is yes. All distances are clearly displayed for each event on our webpages so the first thing you need to check is are you comfortable with those distances.

We never leave anybody behind.  We want people to take part so if you want to crawl round we’ll be there waiting for you at the finish. There are NO time restraints on any of our events.  A basic level of fitness and a willingness to take part should see you fine to take on any of our Run-Bike-Run Duathlons.

We are an extremely friendly bunch and love seeing first timers. We will always welcome you and where possible introduce you to some regulars so don’t worry if you’re on your own or if it’s your first time as we will look after you.

An event for us typically starts with setting up our transition station. Transition is the area where you will store your bike ready for the bike element of the event.  This usually opens around 08:30 so if your start time is 09:00 you will be able to rack your back up no later than 08:30.  If we get done early then feel free to rack up before.

We are looking to bring back a registration area where you can collect your number, water, sweets and medal.  Since covid we have been placing these for entrants at the transition station so there has been no transition.  With bad weather we are probably going to take this away and start handing them out again.  If we do decide on this we will make sure you are notified by email.

That brings me onto the next point.  All reminders, confirmations and event updates are communicated through email, they’ll come from (add me to your address book).  When entering make sure you provide the correct email address and be sure to check your spam and junk as everything you need for event day will be sent to the email provided when you book.

We do put reminders on Facebook so be sure to follow us there too but everything certainly gets sent out via email.

Start lists are published live onto each event page and are only ever 24hrs old.  If you enter today you can be sure to see your name then next day.  If you don’t then get in touch as we don’t have your entry.  

On the day of the event make sure not to forget your helmet. You won’t believe the number of people who turn up without one. No helmet, no event, I’m afraid. 

You can run and ride in any gear you like but make sure you will be comfortable over distance.  Any bike is fine as long as its road worthy (We will check) bring plenty of fluid with you.  We do provide a bottle of water but great hydration is good for the body and soul.

When you arrive look out for somebody in a hi vis jacket and we will point you in the right direction.  

Most bike rides are road rides and are un marshalled.  We sign post the ride but we like to remind everybody that it is their responsibility to familiarise themselves with the route prior to coming down. This doesn’t mean you have to recce the course, but it’s advisable to have a look over the course maps ahead of arrival. Each bike route is available on the individual event pages. 

Andy will do an event briefing 15 minutes before we start.  Here he just goes through the rules and safety guidelines so be sure not to miss that.  He will set you off and then it’s up to you.

We time each event manually, by taking a picture of your race number at various stages i.e when you come into transition for the first time, when you leave it and then when you cross the finish line.  If we can’t see your number we can’t photograph it.  If we can’t photograph it you won’t receive a time when the results are out.  Be sure to wear it on the front and make it visible to us at these times. Just as if we were providing chip timing, you would need to run over the timing mat to ensure your time was registered, we need to be able to see your race number.

Where we can we try and start everybody off at the same time depending on which race you are taking part in.  What I mean by that is if you have booked a GO TRI you will all start at the same time.  If you’ve booked a Sprint you will all start at the same time.  If there are too many of you to start at the same time, we will stagger the start by setting off smaller groups 15 seconds apart.

We’re really good at cheering people on and love seeing people cross the finishing line.  We have no problem staying as long as it takes to get everybody over the line so don’t worry about this.  Our main aim is to  get people involved.  You will be cheered through the finish line and then all you need to do is book your next event.

Most of our venues have somewhere you can grab something to eat afterwards, or there are great local establishments, so be sure to make use of their services.

We run events year round, so for a full list and to get yourself booked on to one visit our duathlon events page.  Each individual event page is jam packed with event information so once you have found one you like the sound of, visit the event page and get booked on.

We look forward to seeing you soon.